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Heceta Head Lighthouse pullout on Highway 101, Oregon USA



I create fine art digital photographs that elicit a positive emotional response – the ”wow factor.” My artwork is not intellectual, thought provoking or needs to be “understood.” However, a great deal of thought goes into the creation of my artwork. At its most basic, my artwork should evoke a sense of calm, peace, wonder and most of all, enjoyment. I look to capture and create light, color, contrast, form, pattern and movement from unique perspectives. I strive to show the beauty of a place you’ve never been, and a new perspective on the familiar. My digital photographs are created for the artist’s and viewer’s pleasure, not to record “reality.” I am a post-film photographer, and though I use professional level digital cameras and lenses to capture technically correct digital images, I am especially interested in image processing and what happens to a photograph after it leaves the camera. In the editing process, I do everything to the image that I deem necessary to express my creative vision of that image. Editing can include cropping, contrast and color adjustments, collaging of multiple images, layering, cloning, texture and painting overlays. I see myself as much of a digital painter as a photographer. Craft is important to me and I work hard to create meticulously crafted prints from my imagery. Making prints from my artwork takes a great deal of hand effort, as well as the ability to harness technology. I use archival papers, canvas, inks and other materials so the prints will last a lifetime. When someone views one of my digital fine art works and exclaims “wow!” All that effort is worth it.

ABOUT DAVE:  Artist | Digital Photographer  & Painter | Businessman | Entrepreneur | Philosopher | Traveler | Father & Husband.  

Dave currently lives outside Chicago, Illinois with his wife, two daughters, two dogs and a cat. Life should be simple with more fun, filled with positive emotions.  People should have the freedoms to become who and what they want. Driven by curiosity with a willingness to try new things.  Fine art landscape, nature and still-life digital photographer and painter.


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