Heceta Head Lighthouse pullout on Highway 101, Oregon USA

A fine art photograph is both artistic and technically excellent.  Each piece of artwork goes through three phases of creation:

Phase 1:  Image Capture

My artwork is about slowing down and noticing the beauty and wonder in Nature.  How Nature's beauty can provide tranquility, peace and joy.

Phase 2:  Image Processing

I am a post-film photographer and I am especially interested in image processing. In the editing process, I do everything to the image that I deem necessary to express my creative vision of that image. Editing typically includes cropping, contrast and color adjustments, collaging of multiple images, cloning, painting and texture overlays, resulting in a painterly, non-photographic look.

Phase 3:  Image Output

Images are printed on paper or canvas.  Paper prints are printed using archival papers, and can be provided either just as a stand alone print or the paper print can be matted and/or framed. Canvas prints are dry-mounted to gator board, covered in two coats of print varnish and framed. 

Ocean Pier
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